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A continued quest for more knowledge

Nursery Class 1

This is the class for late 3s & 4+ years where they continue their quest and thirst for more knowledge but majorly focus on;

understanding their numbers in depth by associating values with numbers , working on numbers before & after

using their sounds to read

mental maths

fixing numbers in a hundred chart board without an adult’s help

Tons of Montessori materials are used in this class e.g

Hundred Squares

Large & Small Wooden Number cards


Number Rods

Limited Beads

Seguin boards

Lower & uppercase sand paper letters

Movable alphabets, etc

The class is absolutely fun filled because the children practically interact with the numbers, sounds & letters they are learning.

By the time the children bid this class farewell, they would have read their first 24 story books and can write readable words and short sentences.

We’ll handle your child with care!

Get to know us better!

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